Facts About Power Electronics Projects

As the trend towards electrification and renewable energy enhances, it enables technologies such as power electronics are becoming most important. In fact, power electronics is an umbrella term which encompasses the systems and products involved in converting and controlling the flow of electrical energy. In Power Electronics Projects, The focus is on the power conversion at the highest possible, so eletcronics final year students can gain knowledge about them
  • Efficiency using small control signals
  • Semiconductor devices work as switches
  • Power handled will range from several watts to a few megawatts
Types Of Converters In Power Electronics

Power electronics can be classified into several types such as
  • Diode rectifier
  • AC to DC converter
  • DC to DC converter
  • AC to AC converter
  • DC to AC converter and static switches
Applications Of Power Electronics In Major Areas
  • Motor drives and actuators
  • Illumination engineering
  • energy efficient power supplies
  • sustainable energy system
  • power and control core technologies


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